New Subrace Features for the Half-elves

Date:Sat Mar 2 16:48:08 2024
In Middle-earth, the destinies of Half-elves, born from the union of Elves and Men, intertwine with the celestial journey of the Star of Eärendil. Guided by Eärendil, a Half-elf whose radiant legacy directs his ship Vingilot illuminated by a Silmaril, the light of the star beckons other Half-elves on a shared journey. As they follow the star along its celestial path, they find their way illuminated and spirits kindled with hope.

Today, we introduce several features for Half-elf players.

  • They possess partial immunity to diseases; ailments take only half the usual time to run their course.
  • They can cast healing spells at a reduced cost under the light of the Star of Eärendil.
  • They exhibit improved combat skills when under the Star of Eärendil.
  • Blessed by nature, they receive bonuses to spellcasting and defending against spells, both of which are influenced by their mood.