Recent changes (Spells, Bar/Unbar, Charm, Mobiles)

Author:Jahara (edited by Dáin)
Date:Sun Jun 9 08:57:16 2024
  • Casting dispel magic on an opponent will no longer remove enchants from all of their equipment and inventory. Casting it directly on objects works as before.
  • Magic blast will now only affect charmies that are in the same room that it has been cast.
  • Any attempt to bar and unbar a door now reveals you.
  • Charmies will no longer silently spam attack their master, causing them to need to rest. However, they may now be targetted by other mobiles in combat.
  • Some mobiles that inject venom, poison their opponents, or cause disease no longer have an additional attack that causes damage. This adjustment makes them more balanced compared to other mobiles of similar level.
  • A giant slug will now give a hint before it performs its special attack.