MUME Rules

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In general, activities which take advantage of game features and the limitations of the code to produce impossible results or make people do unlikely things are illegal. For example:

  1. If you have stolen someone's equipment, it is illegal to give it to shopkeepers, innkeepers, etc. who would not ordinarily accept it or keep it from the victim. (On the other hand, if you are a troll, for example, and have acquired a staff, and want to give it to Grinder, this is ok, as Grinder would probably never give it back to the owner anyway.
  2. Jumping into inaccessible deathtraps with equipment you have stolen or looted is illegal unless you actually want to stop playing the character (retire). Using a deathtrap to get rid of cursed eq is also considered illegal.
  3. Misleading emotes, like emote leaves to the west, are illegal. emote begins some strange incantations... belongs to these too.
  4. Activities which seek a result that is otherwise unobtainable due to current effects on a character in the game are illegal. For example: if you are slept and unable therefore to use 'tell', communicating to a person RL (phone, IM, etc.) in order to circumvent your current inability to tell is patently illegal.
As a very general rule of thumb: If you get something due to the limitation of our code, it is not legal. If you manage to kill city-mobs without triggering city-justice at all, it is probably illegal. As a result and example:

It is considered illegal to raze white side towns as white side character (as outlined by NEWS 2356 and justice 137). This addition is valid until further notice.

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