MUME Rules

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Banking is storing items and gold so that you may have a source of new equipment should you for some reason lose your old equipment. Bank characters usually have lots of gold and have tons of good equipment. When discovered, bank characters lose all equipment; both bank and "client" can be subjected to harsher punishments as well - for instance, loss of levels.

Another obvious form of banking is to hide or hand off your equipment for safekeeping whilst you deliberately DT. Similarly, hiding equipment before you get pkilled is only allowed if you don't recover it (or tell anyone else about it). Clearly, this also applies to leaving your equipment or gold in the safe- keeping of another character whilst you go off into a risky situation. The same applies to obvious variations with the same intention: giving equipment to mobs, hiding it in rooms, etc.

A slightly less obvious form of banking, is making multiple legendhome payments without spending any of the money on upgrades. In the helpfiles on legendhomes, it is specified that players may make a maximum of 2 payments (one down payment and another payment of the balance), after which they must spend that money before being allowed to make another payment. There may be certain cases in which a third payment is justified, however those cases must be explicitly approved by the legendhome supervisor, and that third payment would most certainly be the final one. Four or more unspent payments on a legendhome are very clearly banking.

It is also forbidden to exchange equipment between characters which belong to the same player. If you own characters A and B, you cannot transfer equipment or money between them, neither directly (which involves multiplaying) nor indirectly (for instance, A gives C an iron ring, rents, logs in B and gets the ring back; or, A hides the ring, rents, logs in B and reveals it).

The only exception to what is said above is if character A gets killed by another player's orc, and - later - character B kills that orc (or vice versa). Obvious suiciding by char A and the Orc is of course not allowed.

The minimum punishment for equipment exchange is destruction of the exchanged equipment, though usually the punishment is much harsher.


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