MUME Rules

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These are very simple rules to follow on all mortal boards. If you fail to observe the rules, it is likely your post will be moved or removed. After repeated infractions you run the risk of having your privilege to use that board removed.

  1. Use the correct board for the post. For instance, do not post about clerics on the General board if you can post it on the Cleric board. Do not use a public board when a mail to someone would suffice.
  2. Post with the right character. If you are an elf and want to post on the troll-board about your exploits as an elf, don't log on a troll and discuss your elf. The same goes for mortal-immortal relationships, i.e. an immortal should not post on the orc board about his/her dwarf.
  3. Do not post maps or statistics of mobiles or objects. This information is not for general release. At best the information should be vague and at times misleading. For advice contact one of the management.
  4. Do not post for information on how to do such-and-such. For instance a post on "how do I fill a lantern?" is best served by asking a fellow player. Posting a list of secret doors and mobs, or posting "mail me to get the secret door list", is also forbidden.
  5. Do not post items for sale/wanted. Also, don't advertise any out-of MUME stuff unless it is MUME related: e.g. Web pages set up for MUME are ok, generic homepages and adverts for other MUDs are not.
  6. Do not post long files of captured output. All captured output should be edited to only show what is absolutely necessary. Buffer-posts of more than four pages invariably attract criticism or deletion.
  7. Out of Character information is tolerated to some extent, but not when it concerns advocacy of serious RL issues: e.g. political parties, abortion, religion, economic systems, law and order etc. Please don't bring your soapbox to MUME. (The one exception from this rule is known to the Ainur). For more stringent rules regarding InCharacter posting, see the relevant rules.
  8. Do not post who plays which character. Even if you don't role-play, some do, and even those who don't will not appreciate this tactic. The exceptions are: - Player in question has made it generally known who their characters are, eg posted as G, player of X/Y/Z. - Said player has posted the characters of someone else who does not come under the section above.
If in doubt about conflicting with one of these rules, you should ask someone if you are relatively new to posting and posting-etiquette.


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