MUME Rules

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MUME's management strongly encourages in-game role-play, though we do not require it. Therefore, in order to preserve the necessary atmosphere for those who wish to role-play, we ask that players choose names for their characters which fit reasonably with the type of character they are playing and the environment of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Players who choose inappropriate names may be asked to select another. (See also help namechanges.)

Please note: Anyone creating characters with very inappropriate names just to be annoying, will find themselves dealt with in the harshest manner.

I. Overall inappropriate names

  1. Names that contain profanity or derogatory comments.
  2. Names that contain advertising or brand names.
  3. Names that contain references to any non-Middle-earth fictional world.
  4. Names designed to take advantage of game mechanics.

II. Inappropriate names examples

The remainder of this help file will be a listing of examples of violations of the above name rules. These lists are not meant to be all inclusive, but merely to give the prospective player examples of inappropriate names. (Any copyrighted names below are listed for example use only, and should be considered the property of their respective owners.)

  1. These should be self-evident. They include (but are not limited to) words describing sexual acts, bodily fluids/excretions, various "covered by underwear" body parts, racial slurs, etc. This category also includes names like "manwesucks", "youreallgonnadie", and "ihatemume", as well. Names which are offensive or ridiculous in foreign languages are also unacceptable.
  2. PepsiCola, CocaCola, OscarMayer, SaraLee, RonaldMcDonald, BurgerKing, Dorito/Cheeto/Frito/etc., ChefBoyardee, PillsburyDoughBoy, GoodyearBlimp, etc.
  3. This includes fictional worlds/mythoi, such as characters found in Shakespeare's works, comic books/graphic novels, movies, television, etc. Some fictional/historical-fictional examples that are clearly bad taste: ArthurPendragon, Merlin, Lancelot, Robin Hood, LittleJohn, FriarTuck, WillScarlett, WilliamTell, Zorro, ScarletPimpernel, SherlockHolmes, CiscoKid, DonQuixote, LoneRanger, Tonto, JamesBond, AustinPowers, etc. This also includes anything from Star Wars or Star Trek.
  4. These are too numerous even begin to list. For example, names such as "Guard" or "Brigand" are obvious attempts to at least partially circumvent the game's combat mechanics.

III. A quick list of inappropriate names

  1. Very Bad: Myorc, Manwesucks, Turdhead, Blah, Helpme
  2. Bad: Dragontroll, Elfmage, Skullcrusher the Hobbit
  3. Poor: Elrohirr the Dwarf, Griznak the Elf, Snowyfire the Man
  4. Unwise: Oldmanwillow, Arwenevenstar, Samwize the Dúnadan
  5. Distracting: Cuddlebunny, Lovergirl, Sleepyboy the Bear
  6. Ridiculous: Seeukakauipipa, Seeukakiuipipa, Seeukikiuipipa - intentionally difficult to distinguish or type - spelled with repeating patterns of consonants or vowels

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