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Sindarin Elf, King of Lórien, beloved of Nimrodel, Amroth ruled Lórien since his father Amdir was slain in the Battle of Dagorlad. When Nimrodel fled south, Amroth followed, found her and vowed that for her sake he will leave his people and together with her seek passage over the Sea. When Nimrodel was lost in the White Mountains, Amroth waited for her on a ship until a great storm carried the ship away from land. In despair Amroth leapt into the sea to swim to the shore and was never seen again.

The name 'Amroth' means 'upclimber, high climber' and is said to be his nickname derived from his dwelling in a high flet on the top of the great hill of Cerin Amroth which was named after him.


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