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  1. "Lady of the White Grotto", Elf of Lórien, beloved of Amroth. Nimrodel
dwelt beside the falls of the river Nimrodel to which she gave her name. When terror came out of Moria, Nimrodel fled and together with Amroth went south to seek an elven haven where they could set sail into the West. But she was lost in Ered Nimrais and came not to the ship where Amroth awaited her, and though there are many legends concerning her fate, nothing is known of what befell her. It is said that in the spring the echo of her voice may still be heard by the falls that bear her name.

  1. Mountain stream falling into the Celebrant, named after Nimrodel the Elf
who dwelt beside it.

See also: AMROTH

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