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Númenor (S. "Westernesse", Q. Númenórë) was the large island given to the Edain after the end of the First Age and the destruction of Beleriand. Located in the middle of Belegaer, it was halfway between Middle-earth in the east and Aman in the west.

Lusting for immortality and inspired by Sauron, the Númenóreans sent a great armada to conquer Valinor, which led to the destruction of both the entire armada and Númenor itself. After the downfall, Númenor is known as the Akallabêth.

A few Númenóreans, loyal to the Valar, survived the downfall under the rule of Elendil the Tall. Called the Dúnedain, they founded the two kingdoms Arnor and Gondor in Middle-earth.

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