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These are the Ainu (immortals, gods) levels:

  [ I]  the Creators of Arda
  [ A]  the Arata
  [ V]  the Vala [Architect] or [Mudller]
  [Ms]  the Maia [Shaper]
  [Mw]  the Maia [Wright]
  [Mb]  the Maia [Builder]
  [Mc]  the Maia [Cartographer]
  [ M]  the Maia


The Implementors [ I] are the original C-coders and have the overall responsibility of the game. The Implementors are CryHavoc, Eru, Manwë, and Nada.

The Aratar

The Aratar [ A] are highly trusted and have vast access. They can help with anything requested by a mortal/immortal and some have main areas of responsibility:
  • The Arata of Code, Ac is Waba; responsible for developing mudlle and code
  • The Arata of Mobs/Objects, Am/o is Frór; responsible for all mobiles and objects.
The following Aratar also have access to all the source code for MUME, and can in theory fix anything that is broken with it: Dáin, Frór, Ilie, Mint, Nienor, and Waba.

The Valar

Valar are highly trusted on MUME and have access to almost everything. They can help with almost everything requested by mortals/immortals.

Mudllers and Architects are considered equally high level.

Vala - Mudller, [Vm]

These immortals are working in MUME's mudlle and assist the Ac in developing mudlle and code. Usually they work on specific tasks all across Arda.

Vala - Architect, [Va]

Being architects, they assist the Arata of Zones in developing areas and zones. They manage and supervise teams of builders and usually take the main responsibility in developing a specific superzone.


Actively contributing, (relatively) mature and reputable Maiar may get promoted to Valar when the management is convinced that:
  • They are capable of self-steered, non-supervised work that in general is "good for the game", with (when applicable) due consideration for gameplay and trueness to both the MUME spirit and the Tolkien lore.
  • They integrate well into the current team and will be pleasant and active peers for the foreseeable future.
  • They will represent MUME appropriately when supervising Maiar or interacting with players, even in difficult situations like justice cases.
  • There is a need for a certain position to be filled.

The Maiar

Maia Shaper, [Ms]

A trusted Maia with enough access to help Valar and higher gods with the maintenance of the world and its inhabitants.

Shapers are exceptionally experienced Maia who already have helped a lot in creating and maintaining the game. Very few Ms-positions are tied to specific tasks (as maintaining LHs if no V+ is doing that at that moment). Shapers usually serve as Senior Builders and often fullfill a role as supervisors for tasks that are not handled by a Va or Vm. Like with senior Mw there is no general job description anymore.

Maia Wright, [Mw]

Ainur of this level have finished building a full zone in MUME. They can sometimes help with bugs and/or report them to V+.

Some Mw also go on building new zones or serve as senior builders in a project and help newer immortals building. They can also assist in various tasks but once a Mw has finished his or her zone there is no general job description anymore.

Mudlling Maiar

Mw is also the first level at which one may contribute mudlle, the online programming language that makes MUME the interesting world that we know.

Mw and Ms with access to mudlle are commonly referred to as Mw+m and Ms+m, and shown with a (+m) next to their names in view wizlist.

Maia Builders, [Mb]

A Maia who has finished describing a full zone.

Maia Cartographer, [Mc]

A Maia who has helped building or improving a small part of Arda, or who still works on describing the first zone.

Maia, [ M]

This is the lowest rank among the Maiar. Newly immorted characters start as a "plain" Maia. Maia have not yet begun shaping the world of MUME or have no intent to do so.


Maiar of Mw or lower rank can be considered as plain [ M].

The command view wizlist will provide you with a complete list of all active Ainur while view wizretired will show all retired Ainur.


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