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The Ainur are the immortals of MUME. They do not take part of playing the game, but shape the world and keep it running.

To see a list of all current Ainur, try the view wizlist command. To see who is currently online and visible, use who ainur.

Some guidelines for interaction with the Gods:

  1. If you need help and see no god online, you can try to contact them via tell (if one is visible) or pray. The gods do not exist solely for MUME; contrary to popular belief, they have a real life too, so an answer might take a while sometimes.
  2. Don't ask the gods for help, unless no mortal can help you, and no help page exists that could inform you. In particular, do _not_ ask a god to help you with _anything_ that clearly is part of the game and therefore is your own problem. All those question can be directed to other mortals (for example by using narrate).
    But if you discover a serious bug, please tell an Ainur about it! Never try to take advantage of a bug. That is cheating, and you might regret it deeply later. Use the bug/idea/typo commands to report things. You can also send mail to the gods about important problems.
  3. If you can take care of yourself, and only bother the gods if there is a problem with the code - then we can finally get some time to fix those bugs and implement those nifty features you all have been waiting for. Of course, we don't mind if you say hi, too! (and if we aren't too busy, we would like to socialise occasionally)
Regards, the Ainur

See also: "AINU LEVELS"

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