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In the Halls of Mandos, this command is used to transport yourself to one of the main towns and cities of Middle-earth. New players are recommended to begin in the Tower Hills. Alternatively, experienced players may choose to pray to their "racial home":

Elves, Half-elves the Grey Havens, Lórien, Rivendell
Men Fornost, Tharbad
Dwarves the Blue Mountains
Hobbits the Shire (Hobbiton)
Bears the Anduin Vale

You do not have to pray to the town populated by your race. However, when you are in a city populated by your own kind, you have some advantages, such as prices for things being cheaper to you. Everyone can pray to Bree but this is not recommended for newcomers. Only evil humans may pray to Tharbad and various other restrictions also apply.

  • Among the mentioned places, the Tower Hills is the best area to explore for new adventurers; being situated right between the realms of dwarves, elves, hobbits, and men.
  • the Shire is the most peaceful. Travellers in the Shire are able to wander far with little chance of danger (or adventure!).
  • Fornost is fairly dangerous, many dangerous creatures fill the woods around it, and Orcs and worse may raid the lands about.
  • The village of Bree is very similar to Fornost, and sooner or later everyone has to travel to Bree. You will have to be more cautious than in the area of the Grey Havens, since orcs have been spotted recently.
  • The woods around the Dwarven city of the Blue Mountains are also perilous, but the bold dwarf venturing into them may make his fortune mining.
  • The lands around the Grey Havens of the Elves are less dangerous than those about Fornost or the Blue Mountains, but more perilous than the Shire.
  • Elves also have the possibility to start in Lórien, which is quite safe, but anyone living there is trapped in the east and the journey into the west is far and very dangerous!
  • Furthermore, elves can pray to Rivendell. Yet, since many dangerous places lie near this elven stronghold and it is said numerous strong heroes of the west have been slain by fearsome trolls and dreadful orcs in the last time, this place is not suited for the inexperienced adventurer.
  • Beorning Men and Bears may pray to the Anduin Vale. It is treacherous, many fearsome creatures wander Mirkwood Forest, and Orcs from Goblin-town prowl its perimeter.
  • Praying to Tharbad is better left to those who really know what they are doing!
The first time you pray, or if you have no citizenships for any other reason, you may pray only to the hometowns for your race, and will be made a citizen of that place. Note that "praying to a city" only works in the Halls of Mandos and nowhere else.

The other function of the pray command is to send a message to all immortals that are logged on. This is thus a rather powerful command and you should not use it unless the issue is important and only immortals can solve it. For instance, if you can ask a visible immortal via tell and get the necessary response, this is considered far better than simply praying.

By the same reasoning, immortals should not use pray as a replacement for tell.

The policy for prayers are that the mortal should indicate what the problem is in his prayer:

Good prays:

Bad prays:
  • I need to speak with a V+ please?
  • may I speak to a god?
  • I have a problem.
  • Can someone help me?
The point again: the pray should include enough information to say what the problem is, not what person you would like to talk to.


  > pray Harry won't open the gate for me, although I'm a citizen


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