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The mail system lets you send a message to one or more recipients. Mail has a lifetime of 60 days if unread and 30 if read. Because mail is persistent, it is used most often to communicate with someone who is not always easy to reach.

To send or read mail you have to go to a mail box. This is a special board where messages are addressed to one or many recipients.

To send mail, use:

  > write <title> @<recipient> @<recipient> ...

The title is optional, but at least one recipient is needed.


  > write Happy birthday @bilbo @frodo

How it goes on depends on your editor. If you use the line editor, please read help editor.

Other commands

  look mail - lists mail addressed to you
  tail - lists the 20 last mails to you
  tail <number> - lists the <number> last mails to you
  read <number> - reads a specific mail
  look sent mail - lists mail you have sent
  read sent <number> - reads a mail you have sent
  reply <number> - reply to a mail
  forward <number> @dain - forward a mail to Dáin
  forward sent <number> @dain - forward a previously sent mail to Dáin
  forward sent <number> --retroactive-cc @dain - cc Dain on an existing mail
Messages you have already read are marked with +. A + next to a sent mail indicates it has been read by at least one person on the recipient list.

To see exactly who has read a mail, use look seen mail or look sent seen mail.

You can remove messages with remove <number>, or remove sent <number>, and reply to a message with reply <number> <optional title>.

Note that the mail you create will become a single message which is accessible to the people you provide. As it only exists as one message, should any of the recipients delete it from their mail box, it will be deleted from all of the other, too — unless you use a selective remove.

To selectively remove mails: remove --from-my-inbox-only <number>. You can also disavow a mail by remove sent --from-my-outbox <number>; however, removing a mail from your outbox causes the mail to appear as though the sender was deleted: (*Lost*).

For Ainur, special recipients are @valar or @aratar, which sends your mail to all V+ or all A+. Mortals should usually report instead.


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