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Syntax      : cast 'charm' <victim>
Type        : Offensive, mental
Accumulative: No
Duration    : Yes
Casting     : Extremely long
Position    : Standing
Level       : Level 14 
Class       : Magic User
Min. Mana   : 20
A person or creature which you have charmed will follow you, cannot attack you, and will be susceptible to orders which you issue. It is not possible to charm someone who is already charmed, someone who is of a higher level than you, or anyone of legend level, nor is it possible to charm someone if you have yourself been charmed. The length of time for which a victim will remain charmed is a function of their intelligence, and the number of victims whom you can control in this manner is determined by your intelligence. If you order a charmed follower to make an attack for you, it is generally recognised that you are the instigator of this action.

A brilliant mind and an iron will are quite important when learning this.


  > cast 'charm' rabbit


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