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Q: "How do I hunt for food?"

A: Most fish and game animals can be hunted with your ordinary weapon. Some of the smaller animals, though, are too fast to hit with your sword. You can hunt for them with your "missile weapon" (sling or bow).

To use a bow: put all your arrows in your quiver, wear your quiver, wield your bow, and type shoot rabbit. It will help if you have practiced some of the missile weapons' skill at the thief guild.

The command recover will pick up missiles that are on the ground and in corpses and put them in your quiver. Note that if the animal you are shooting it is still alive, you cannot yet get the arrows back!

Q: "OK, I've killed something, now what?"

A: To get meat from a corpse you need a knife. Daggers, stilettos, and some other weapons will do. Remove your other weapon, wield your butchering tool, and type butcher corpse.
This is also the way to get furs and skins from animals that have them.

Don't forget to re-wield your ordinary weapon (if you have one) when you are done butchering! If you do not want to wield the knife each time you want to butcher something, you can simply wear the knife on your belt - if you have one.

Q: "Now I have some meat, do I just eat it raw?"

A: You can. But you can also cook it, if you have a pan. Type camp to start a campfire. Then hold the pan and type cook meat. This will improve the quality of the food. Cooking will also work if you wear your pan on your belt.

Q: "How do I use the fishing rod?"

A: Sit on or next to a lake or stream, hold the rod, and type fish.

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