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Q: "What is a bulletin board?"

A: A bulletin board is an object that can be read by players, and in most cases written on. Boards usually have a topic, e.g. the Warrior Bulletin board covers topics interesting to warriors, the General board covers subjects that don't fit on any of the specialty boards, and so on.

Q: "How do I find a bulletin board?"

A: There is a board containing advice for new players in the Halls of Mandos where new players start, and people come to after they die. There are several bulletin boards in most major towns. Check your newbie map (look map) for places such as guilds and inns for some boards.

Q: "When I find one what do I do with it?"

A: To look at a list of messages on the board use look board. This will show the number for the post, its title, and name of the person posting. An example might be, 1969 : How to hunt food (Huntar). To read this message you would type read 1969, and the message would show on your screen.

Q: "How do I reread a message, since it does not show on the board now?"

A: When you read a message the board then marks the message as having been read. To reread a message you know the number (#) of, you can simply type: read #. By typing look all board you can see all messages listed, no matter if they have been marked as read or not.

Q: "How do I write a message on the boards?"

A: First of all you have to decide what is the correct board to post on. A message about a thief practicing backstab and looking for advice on it belongs on the Thief board. To write a message you type write <topic>. The topic is what it is about. An editor will pop up that you can type in.

Type %h for help on how to use the editor when in it. To finish editing your message, type %e.

To reply to someone else's message you can type reply <number> where the number is the number of the post you are replying to, e.g. reply 1969. In reply the title will be based on the title of the previous message.

Q: "What is a library in MUME? Anything like one in real life?"

A: A library in MUME is a place where books can be read that have been written by experienced adventures. They cover topics for new players like skills to learn, places to visit, how to fight, guides for new players, how to make money, etc.

Others cover the rise and fall of cities and kingdoms, teach about gems, and how to make maps. More information can be found in help library.

Q: "Where are these libraries?"

A: If you have a map in your newbie kit type look map and look for a room saying Library. All the race homes have them, though some towns and villages do not.

Q: "How do I know what books are here?"

A: You can see a listing of the books available to be read in a library by typing look books. This will provide a list of all the books in that particular library. Librarians in different towns collect to their own interests, some have books in common with other libraries, and some have unique books not found elsewhere.

Q: "Now that I can see the books, how do I read them?"

A: Well, that depends on the book. Books without an index are read simply by typing read <name>: for example, read MUME Combat. Newer books are divided into chapters, and they are a little more complex.

An example of an excellent book for people to read is "Strider's Guide for the Young Adventurer" by Strider, the Elven Cleric. This can be read by typing read Strider contents to see the contents page. Then to read the first chapter, you type read strider chapter 1, and so on. To read it all at once you type read strider all.

Q: "What is this News, and/or Mail thing I see mentioned when I log in?"

A: The News and mail boards are somewhat more complex versions of the bulletin boards mentioned above.

The News board is for people to read messages from the Ainur on changes to MUME. It can be accessed from anywhere using commands common to the bulletin boards except, to read message number 997 you type news 997 not the read 997 you would at a board.

The Mail board is used to send mail to other people in MUME. Go to one of the mailboxes, usually there is one in any city. It can be looked at by typing look mail to see incoming mail, and look sent mail to see outgoing mail.

Reading a mail is a matter of typing read <number>.

To write a mail you use write <topic> @<name> an example being write Lets discuss a playing time @Huntar. The same editor used in writing on boards will be used.


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