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On MUME, it is possible for characters to learn herblores. With these, the character may combine certain herbs to form a herbal concoction. The results of these concoctions will either be in solid or liquid form. These drinks do not last long, but when they are quaffed, they will affect the drinker in some way.

To make a draught, a herbal kit must be held, and the appropriate herbs put in it. Then they must be mixed. The chance of success depends on the character's abilities and the herblore being used.

In the kit are a crucible, a pestle, and a few empty vials. It is not a container when in your inventory. When it is held, you can put herbs in it, but not take them out. You can 'empty kit' on the floor if the wrong herbs are in it. When the kit is held, 'help kit' will list all your options.

Herblores may be learned from ancient books or scrolls, or may be taught to a character by a teacher knowledgeable in such things. Some herbs may be purchased at many shops around Eriador, but many must be found and collected in the wild. Some must even be crushed from their natural state — to do this, type crush <object>.

Often, someone learned must be found to direct the character to where these herbs grow and to explain how to identify them. If you ask a person about the herb for which you are looking, the person may tell you. Be sure to speak a language that he knows.

To see what herblores you know, type herblores. To see a description of a specific herblore you know, type herblore <lore name>.


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