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Syntax : cast 'identify' <object>/<mobile>/<player>
Type : Miscellaneous
Accumulative: N/A
Duration : No
Casting : Extremely long
Position : Standing
Level : Level 15
Class : Magic User
Min. Mana : 90
Duration : No
This spell, when cast on an object, will reveal some of the important properties of the object. It also gives the caster the magical 'key' which would be used to find instances of such objects with the 'locate' spell.

A brilliant mind, deep insight and good eyesight are quite important when learning this.

When cast on a mobile or player, it provides a locate key but does not provide additional information (see also: DIVINATION).
NOTE: It is strongly suggested not to reveal the exact statistics of items you identify. Saying that "sword X is slighly better at parrying than sword Y, but you need to be very strong in order to use it efficiently" is acceptable.

Publishing tables of item statistics, either via boards or by web or by any other means, is highly frowned upon by the management. Please refrain from doing so.

A clarification: MAGIC refers to long-lasting magical effects, such as the enchantment on a weapon or the effects of 'armour' or 'shield'. SPELL refers to instantaneous effects, such as a fireball or a dispel magic. A weapon that is efficient vs SPELL can't be enchanted or dispelled; it does not have special properties against magical opponents.


 > cast 'identify' ring

See also: LOCATE

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