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In some towns you can find mercenaries walking in the streets, who are willing to help you — for a fee. Just pay them the required price (usually 10 silver coins per day) and they will begin following you.

These mercenaries are citizens of their towns, and in fact are clearly designated as "citizen mercenaries". (They should not be confused with "mercenary guards", for example, who are not for public hire.)

If you have hired a mercenary, and you begin a fight, he will assist you. Should a mercenary fumble and cowardly retreat from battle, you have to tell them to "help" or to "assist", in order to call them back to your aid.

If you provide them with mounts, mercenaries will ride them. First of all, you must tell the mercenary which mount to use; nobody else must be riding it at the same time. For instance,

  > ask mercenary ride 3.horse

Once a mercenary has been given a mount, he will ride, dismount and lead it every time you ride, dismount or lead (without parameters).

You can also ask your mercenary about

  • his health (he reacts to "health", "hits", and "hurt")
  • his moves ("moves" and "tired")
  • or his payment (he will tell you how much longer he will stay in your service and reacts to the words "payment", "pay", or "time")
  > ask mercenary tired

Your mercenary will also yell something so you can find him more easily if he hears you yelling from another room.

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