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[Instant Command]

Usage: flee [on|off|yes|no]

If you are fighting, and you want to leave the fight, you may type 'flee' or 'flee on'. Then you will almost immediately attempt to flee out of the fight. After the first attempt, successive flee attempts are automatically scheduled until you get out of the fight somehow or type 'flee off'.

Fleeing when not engaged is immediate. The delay between flee attempts (called also 'flee round') while in a fight is modified by your dex, your encumbrance and your attack skill.

When you attack someone, you can't flee from the fight for a full flee round. However, your victim gets a small delay during which he can't flee either.

A flee attempt will only succeed if there is a clear exit in the room, and even then you may well panic and fail to flee. You cannot choose which way you will flee, and fleeing will often result in a temporary feeling of panic. When you are in a state of panic you will find that your offensive abilities are reduced. You may also lose some movement points as you flee the fight. Though the durations of multiple panics are not cumulative, their effects on your ability to fight are.

The chance of fleeing successfully depends to some extent on your physical agility, on your mental strength, and how easily the area may be left. However, you will not attempt to flee in the direction of water (unless you are prepared to swim) nor in any direction requiring you to climb.

If you're not receiving any attacks, you should use DISENGAGE, as you will then stop fighting and may leave the battle at your own leisure.


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