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(Warrior Skill) [Instant Command]

A rescue is an attempt to make an enemy or enemies hit you instead of the person being rescued. This is highly usable when playing in groups.

The chance to succeed depends on the how high you know the rescue skill. Typing rescue with no argument rescues the character that is buffering. The skill also controls how well you can protect people.

If cornered, this skill might be one of the more useful to have. By rescuing a person you put yourself between the person and his enemy, moving him out of combat and yourself into it. Be aware that a person who is thrown out of combat like that is rather likely to be confused for a brief moment.

It takes great agility to master this skill; an iron will and lots of muscle are important too.

Note: The rescued person will experience some dizzyness. Learning the escape skill has beneficial effects on the rescued person.


  > rescue morwen


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