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Whenever you kill a monster or a player, you earn experience points. When enough experience and travel points are earned, you'll gain a level. You can see how much is left until the next level when you type stat. Things you should know about experience points:

  • When damaging a monster, you get experience points (magic included).
  • When you damage or kill a monster, the knowledge gained from that monster is added to your trophy. The more knowledge you have of that monster, the less experience you will derive from it in the future.
  • When you fight a monster within a group, the experience is split among the members of the group who are present. Likewise, the knowledge gained is split proportionately.
We strongly discourage the killing of other players of the same side if you are not an Orc, but the choice is yours.

If you are killed by a mobile, you will lose a great deal of experience points as punishment, and all of your gold and equipment will be left behind where you died. You will not lose travel points for death.

If you lose sufficient experience points to put your current number below that which is required for your level, you will lose a level.


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