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(Thief Skill) [Delayed Command]

This stealthy art lets you escape combat without letting your enemy know where you are going, by using different tricks and deceits to fool his eyes.

Great agility and good eyesight are quite important when learning this.

If you are the buffer in a fight and you wish to stop fighting, you may escape instead of fleeing. Escape offers the following advantages:

  • You can choose in which direction to move if you manage to escape: when you flee, you run in a random direction.
  • You can escape even if there are no available exits. escape with no arguments will simply interrupt the fight.
The chance of successfully escaping depends on your dexterity, on the number of your opponents, on the difference between your and your opponent's level and on how well you practiced this skill. Escaping automatically sets your mood to wimpy.

If nobody is attacking you, you should DISENGAGE instead of escaping.


  > escape
  > escape north
Knowing how to escape also makes it easier for your bodyguard (if you have one) to keep you out of trouble efficiently.


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