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Characters who have been inactive for a year will be automatically and retroactively retired. In other words, we'll pretend that they anticipated their time away from MUME and properly retired instead of renting.

Characters below legend level will be auto deleted before that year has elapsed.

The players will be charged:

  • 1 year of rent if they were properly rented [1].
  • Free rent if they had only very minimal equipment (like pants and a torch), even if they did not rent properly.
Characters who cannot afford that rent or who are not in one of these situations (e.g., if they dropped link with actual equipment) will not be considered for retroactive retirement.

[1] Note for legend home owners: the cost of the year of rent is computed from the offer you were given when renting. As the rent in a legend home is free, that rent will be free (but the upkeep will continue to elapse).

The purpose of this feature is to make it easier to return to MUME if you forgot to retire: these characters will be eligible for an age reset, a limited reroll, and a practice reset. It shouldn't harm them in any way.

See also: RETIRE

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