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Syntax      : cast 'shroud' [recipient]
Type        : Miscellaneous
Accumulative: No
Duration    : Yes
Casting     : Very long
Position    : Standing
Level       : Level 5
Class       : Magic User
Min. Mana   : 5
This spell covers the recipient in a shroud of mist, making him quite hard to be seen. Weak and weak-willed creatures will ignore the shrouded person completely, and slightly less weak ones will only see him as a faint shape. Attacking anyone might immediately break the spell, as well as taking any damage. Hence someone who is bleeding or suffering from the effects of poison will not be able to remain hidden. If the caster knows this spell very well, it might resist a few hits.

It takes a brilliant mind to master this skill, and it helps to have deep insight.


  > cast 'shroud'

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