Recent minor changes (promotion, mercenaries, zap in retirement, lag)

Date:Sun Mar 1 18:06:12 2015
1. We congratulate Ryalnos on his promotion to Mw, Maia (Wright).

2. Mercenaries and arda rings (Rogon)

   The Guild of citizen-mercenaries has decided to lift the ban on Arda rings.

3. Zapping EQ (Dáin)

   You will no longer get zapped by equipment (due to bad alignment or similar)
   as you enter the game in retirement rooms.

   This will now instead happen after leaving retirement.

4. The lag is dead! R.I.P. (Waba)

   I got us rid of the hourly lag, so you'll have to find another way to keep
   track of the time.

   (For the technically-minded: the kernel aggressively cached filesystem
   metadata for the benefit of the hourly backup script, to the extent of
   swapping out the MUME process. Apparently, this behaviour can be prevented
   by giving "Idle" I/O scheduling priority to the backup script.)