Level Power Re-balance

Date:Fri Mar 6 19:27:05 2015
The amount of power a character gains when it levels has changed.

It used to be that at level 1-25 you got 100% of a level, and at level 26-100
you got 10% of a level.

Instead, at level 1-25 you now get 110% of a level, and at level 26-100 you get
6.67% of a level.

This means that a level 100 is the same as before this change, while everyone
below 100 gained some power. Also, the difference between legends is reduced.

Spell-save and spell-attack effects are still expressed in legend levels: if
you have a +10 spell-attack ring, it will still give you 10 extra legend levels
when casting.

We realise that mobiles become weaker, relatively, when players become
stronger. Fear not! We have some upcoming changes that will help restore our
mobiles to glory and ensure that the number of mobdeaths will not drop.