Bree-land and the wilds of the North

Date:Sat Dec 31 14:14:58 2022

Bree-land and the wilds of the North

At the ancient cross-road where the Old East Road meets the Greenway, rises the Bree-hill. It is the most prominent point in the Bree-land and the villages of Bree and Staddle can be found upon its slopes, populated by a curious mix of Men and Hobbits. Further northeast grows the broad woodland of Chetwood where the settlements Archet and Combe lie, populated primarily by Men.

The lands beyond Bree-land are lawless and wild where the memory of the fallen kings of Arnor have nearly faded into the grass. The easily corrupted hearts of Men are tempted in these untamed lands resulting in bandits who prey upon the weak. "Watchers" protect the wilderness, although their secretiveness causes the Bree-folk to consider them dangerous and distrustful.


Huge thanks to all those who were involved in this massive project. The Bree-land was badly in need of a refresh, with antiquated room descriptions, and missing rooms on the map. We added a bunch of interesting content, quests and low- to mid-level xp spots for new and experienced adventurers alike. This is the first phase of an overall Bree-land rebuild, which addresses the zones between Bree and Fornost, and a few adjacent zones as well.


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