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I. Introduction

MUME is based on J. R. R. Tolkien's creation, Middle-earth. Within the game you will find familiar places such as Rivendell, the Shire, and Bree. You will find less welcome figures like Bill Ferny, Old Man Willow, and even The Red Eye. You may find more mysterious people; Beorn, Círdan the Shipwright, or Tom Bombadil.

II. Starting the Game

If you are a new player just starting off, you may be confused as to where you are and how to leave. The place you are in is called the Halls of Mandos. This is the place to where all new characters of the good races start off, and is also where Arda's fallen heroes go to recover when they have been slain in battle or because of a nasty trap.

The only way to leave the Halls of Mandos is by praying to a destination. New players are recommended to begin in the Tower Hills, which offers inexperienced adventurers a large number of quests to familiarize them with the game's mechanics. To leave your starting room for the Tower Hills, type: pray to the tower hills

Before leaving your start room, please read this help file entirely. Many of the questions you will have are covered in the FAQ's and they will hopefully save you a lot of confusion.

III. The Help System

There are several sources of help for new players. First of all, the text you are reading now, and the extensive set of help pages which has been carefully written and updated to help new players and old. Simply type help with no arguments for a list of available commands and help topics. All of the commands in these newbie help pages are easily identifiable and have their own help page that you can read. All you need to do is type help <command> which will give more information: for example, help faq.

IV. Playing the Game

What you do after you have prayed to the Tower Hills is up to you! You could introduce yourself to other players by typing narrate Hello, I am new here and want to group! to see if anyone wants to group with you (help group). Alternatively, you could always try to go it alone.

To find the names of players on your side within MUME, type who. To find a little information about any of the people that you see listed or in person type whois <name>, an example being whois manwe. Type help tell, help say for more information on communication with other players.

We hope this text could give you a few hints on how to start and where you can get the answers you need. If you can not find something or need further information, you can ask other players on the the global communication channels (help narrate).

V. Where to find Answers

If you ever get lost, type help faq to read summaries about basic MUME commands and features. The FAQ help file is also available on the MUME web site at https://mume.org/help/faq

Related help subjects are also mentioned in the 'See also' part at the bottom of help files. You can always type help <topic> to find out more: for example, help faq.


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