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An 'action' (or a 'trigger') is allowing a client to automatically react to game output and perform some task whose purpose is to send a command back to the game. It is irrelevant here if the command is immediatly sent back by the client or if the user has to press some key to validate it (i.e., auto binding keys).

Since actions grant a computer-enhanced reaction time, their use is forbidden in contexts where they might provide an advantage on other players.

Actions are tolerated when they do not depend directly or indirectly upon another player event (Personal actions), but are illegal otherwise (External actions).

Thus actions whose purpose is to, eat or drink, ride a mount that just threw you off while exploring, open a door closed by a zone reset or a mobile, loot a fallen mobile, would all be legal, but track or attack an opponent, open/close a door someone just closed/opened or you bumped into because an opponent made you flee, loot a fallen opponent, ride a mount that just threw you off while chasing an opponent, etc, would not.

If you find the above rule too complicated to understand, you can stick to the following principle that includes the rule: disable actions in PK.

Rule created on Dec 21 2000, Manwë. Last modified, Sep. 5 2004, Manwë.

Furthermore, it is illegal to trigger other people's actions on purpose by the use of emotes, says, etc. See news 2001.

See also: rules robot and help secure actions.

Justice Post 35: All actions in a PK SITUATION, which ENHANCE a player's tactical advantage over another player are illegal. If you are in doubt, DISABLE all actions in PK situations.

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