MUME Rules

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Setting up scripts which act as robots are forbidden. You may not log your character on to perform actions while you are not directly involved.

This means that automatic scripts which respond to things said or perceived or just automatic scripts that do things in regular (or irregular) intervals are forbidden.

  1. We want a player behind a character. MUME already fails in many roleplay attempts without needing this one.
  2. Using a program to save/help other players is in the same spirit as multiplaying. The player in trouble knows in advance the reaction that he can expect from your char, this includes auto-assist actions and the like at all times.
  3. Using a program for your own benefit (like hunting TPs) is in the same spirit as abusing a loophole in MUME code. For instance, nobody would deliberately hunt slithering snakes at legend level (1xp) but a robot could and then level after 1000000 of them.
Robots will not be tolerated in MUME.


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