MUME Rules

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Please note that while mappers are legal to use on MUME, that does not have to include all the features provided by a mapping-program!

Basically everything stated in RULES ACTIONS is also true for mappers. As consequence, your mapper must not act as action for you by setting aliases or perform other tasks without your interference (in PK-situations). Management will make no difference between an illegal action performed by a client or by a mapper!

The abuse and possible features of mappers are too many to list here, but as example serves NEWS 2210, which outlines the use of door-databases.

As a rule of thumb you could say that if your mapper just displays information it is legal but anything beyond this (setting aliases, performing actions based on the room you entered…) will get you in trouble.

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure your mapping-program, if you decide to use one, is configured according to this rule.


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