MUME Rules

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  • Your whois must NOT emulate any game output, or in any other way act as something that may affect gameplay. (For example, a whois which says An *Orc* begins strange incantations... would be illegal, as would be a whois which tricks a client into doing something, redraws the screen or changes the terminal settings.)
  • Your whois is NOT a form of communication and should therefore not be used to pass information on should you get slept, silenced, killed, etc.
All whoises are subject to veto by some of the higher gods. If one of these asks you to change your whois, for whatever reason, you should comply or risk bansite or temporary suspension of your character. All whoises must be in English or any of the languages used in Middle-earth.

This rule also applies to the your character's description which you can set with change description.

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