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This command allows you to define abbreviations for long commands frequently used, thus minimizing your typing.


alias list aliases
alias <word> delete alias
alias <word> <expansion> define alias
alias please remove all of them (sic!) delete all aliases

You cannot define alias, or any of its abbreviations except a as an alias.

The character & (ampersand) acts as a placeholder for arguments to your alias. The rest of the line (after your alias) is inserted where & is found in the definition.

If <expansion> does not contain any &, any following words will be added to the end of the command.

If <word> starts with a % it is a "keyword alias" which will be expanded whenever a keyword lookup is done to find a character, object, or door.

Some words cannot be used as keyword aliases: words that the look command treats specially (at, around, north, east, …) and some prepositions like in, from, and with.

To inhibit keyword alias expansion, you prepend the word in a command with %.


> alias dw drink water
> dw
drink water
> alias ko kill &.orc
> ko 2
kill 2.orc
> alias rb ride behind
> rb gandalf
ride behind gandalf
> alias %o orc
> kill o
kill orc
> alias %sword longsword
> wield sword
wield longsword
> wield %sword
wield sword

See help account for how the account import command can import aliases from other characters in your account.

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