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With the label command, you can attach labels to characters or mobs. These labels can be used as keywords to identify them (when they are in the room), and labels show within parentheses after the character's name when you see it.

E.g., if you see *an Orc***, you can:

  > label orc target

The orc will then show as:

  *an Orc* (target) is standing here.

To list all labels, use label without any arguments.

  > label remove target                removes the target label
  > label please remove all of them    (sic!) removes all defined labels
When you are fighting someone
  > label caster                       label your opponent as caster

The words me, self, and myself are permanent labels for the character you're playing.

Labels can be a maximum of 16 characters and may only contain letters. Some words cannot be used as labels; e.g., words that the look command treats specially (at, around, north, east, …) and some prepositions like in, from, and with.

See also: ALIAS

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