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(Thief skill)

A master backstabber, nasty as it might sound, knows the vulnerable parts of his opponents body and uses that knowledge to cause great injury in one surprising attack. To successfully backstab an enemy, it's crucial that you are not seen by him or her.

Great agility and good eyesight are quite important when learning this.

Backstabbing a victim is a way to place your dagger in your opponents back at the precise point at which it will cause the most harm. A successful backstab gives a damage multiplier, depending on level. Note that you must be sneaking successfully or be hidden from your opponent and you must be wielding an appropriate piercing weapon.

The act of stabbing someone in the back will be carried out in the aggressive mood, but afterwards you will return to your previous fighting mood (see help mood).

The chance of successfully backstabbing a person depends on how well you have practiced backstab and sneak, at your guild. Note also that it is easier to backstab a victim in certain types of terrain (e.g., forests) than others, and harder to backstab someone who has high perception. You can backstab sleeping or blind persons with a higher chance of success, even if you are not hiding or sneaking.

If you try and backstab someone who can see you, you will get a nasty surprise.


  > backstab ruffian


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