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Your alignment is basically a way of measuring your morals. Good alignment is obtained by good actions and no evil deeds, evil alignment is the opposite. You can also be neutral, and do as much good as evil.

Your alignment has effects in how efficiently you will be able to do things, such as fight or cast spells, in different parts of Arda. If your alignment is like to that of the zone you are in, you will do best, but it is possible for very virtuous, or very evil people to overcome some of the malus in zones of alignment opposite to theirs. Thus, past a point, the more extreme you are, the less penalty you suffer.

Important: Note that the evil folks cannot enter some good cities and may be hunted by certain protectors of the western lands. Thus being an evil character of a good race is likely to make your life hard and may often get you killed. The more evil you are, the more likely you are to suffer.

You can choose your basic alignment (in a given range, different for each race). This is the alignment you start with, and the one you wish to have.

Your actual alignment will change throughout the game, as a result of your actions. There are a few points.

  • It doesn't move more slowly as levels increase.
  • Players with an evil basic alignment won't necessarily improve their alignment when killing an evil being.
  • Killing a player is an evil act, unless the player was very evil or was on Sauron's list.
  • If you don't kill anything, you'll gradually move towards your basic alignment.
  • Killing a good being generally has a larger negative effect on alignment than the positive effect gained by killing evil.
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