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The exits command shows information about the currently visible exits out of your room. Note that some exits may be hidden and will require you to use your wits to discover them.

With change autoexits you can set whether to show (brief) exit information each time you enter a room.

For both commands, the direction (north, east, …) will be surrounded by certain flags showing (a) door information and (b) terrain information.

Door information can be one of the following:

  [...]   - A closed 'doorname'
  (...)   - (doorname) Room Name        open door
  #...#   - (doorname) Room Name        broken door
  {...}   - Room Name                   portal
  /...\   - Room Name                   upward climb
  \.../   - Room Name                   downward climb
Terrain information can be one of the following:

  =...=   - Room Name                   road leading that way
  -...-   - Room Name                   trail leading that way
  ~...~   - Room Name                   destination room requires swimming

  ^...^   - Room Name                   outdoors room (Trolls only)
  *...*   - Room Name                   sunlit room (Orcs and Trolls only)
Flags from the two categories can be combined; e.g., =#up#= is a road leading through a broken door.

The autoexits mode will show information like this:

  Exits: =(north)=, east, [west].


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