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Arda has a number of rivers, streams and other bodies of water that can be traveled upon if the proper equipment or skills are available. Some of the waterways can be slow, others can have the water rushing so fast that the water drags travelers along with it. Travel on many of the bodies of water is safe if the traveler watches for rapids to portage around and keeps a close watch to avoid dangerous waterfalls. Travel beside water can be full of hazards if you are not prepared since falling off a cliff into a river is possible.

Travel in the winter and you will frequently see bodies of water freezing over with ice so that you can walk across them. However if you are standing on ice and it melts you could find yourself swimming for your life if you have not taken the precautions you would at other times of the year. The following is meant for when no ice exists and walking is impossible.

Most of the watery areas bigger than a small pond are one of three types: shallow water, deep water, and the most interesting of all, places totally underwater.

Of the three the easiest ones to cross is shallow water. Shallow water is water that any race can wade across without use of equipment or a skill. Fords across deep rivers are sections where the water has become shallow enough to wade or in some places to ride across.

Deep water makes up the majority of major rivers and other large bodies of water. While ferries or bridges exist along some of the major routes, less travelled routes can only be crossed by swimming, or using a small craft such as a raft, boat, or canoe. Small craft like this can be bought and sold from shops near major cities or bodies of water. Rangers at a ranger guild will also offer lessons in how to swim to those interested. Rapids can prevent the use of boats, allowing only swimmers to enter the area of white water.

Finally, underwater areas can be quite dangerous because of the need that intelligent races have for air. Only highly skilled swimmers should attempt to swim into these places even though the rewards might be great. Provided you stay close to the surface, there are ways to prolong your safe stay underwater.


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