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Coaches are a fairly safe, comfortable means of transportation between towns and waystations on Arda.

Those wishing to travel by coach, may obtain a coach ticket sold in groceries, bazaars, travellers' shops, as well as some inns. Timetables found at coach stations often ofter hints as to where tickets may be bought.

To board a coach, wait at the designated coach station for the coach to arrive and open its doors. You may look coach, to ensure you are not boarding the wrong line. enter coach will begin your journey. In the event there is more than one coach at a station, look 2.coach, enter 3.coach, will help you select the right coach. Once reaching your destination, LEAVE to exit the coach. Remember if you exit the coach at an intermediate station, you will need a new ticket to continue your journey.

There are currently two coaches in the game, driven by Bill Cry and his son Pete, which connect Fornost to Tharbad, stopping in Bree and at some intermediate points.

See also: BUY, FERRY

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