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In the small area of Bree-land there are four villages; Archet, Staddle, Combe and the chief village, Bree. It is the home of both Hobbits and Humans, who share the community and live peacefully together, the only place in Middle-earth where such an arrangement exists. It is an ancient town, located at the crossing of two old and important roads. There has been little in the way of commerce through Bree in recent centuries, though, and the people are somewhat rustic in their ways. There are shops, guilds, and a well-known inn.

It was in Bree that the first Hobbits came to the Western part of the World, over the Misty Mountains. From there in the year 1601 (Third Age), the Shire was colonised. Nowadays, there is little communication between Bree and the Shire, the Hobbits of both finding the others strange and foreign.

As well as standing upon the Great Old Road, Bree also stands upon the ancient North Road, but since the fall of the Northern Kings the road became desolate, and grass-grown, and the Bree-landers renamed it the Greenway.

MUME's Bree

In MUME, in order to simplify things, the four villages have been combined into the chief, Bree. Most products can be bought here, and there are some guilds where simple skills can be learned. There is a coach to Fornost and Tharbad which is caught near the southwestern end of Bree.

The gates of Bree are closed at night, in order to stop intruders. The gatekeepers will open the gates at 7am and close them at 8pm. Should a citizen wish to leave the town, they may simply ask the gatekeeper to open it for him. If a citizen should wish to enter Bree at night, he merely needs to call.

In recent years, Bree has become less peaceful because of its location on the border between east and west, good and evil, the civilized and the wild. Evil orcs and sorcerers, sometimes accompanied by trolls, have been known to raid the town and its surroundings, especially in the long nights of winter. Some people who do not want to face such menaces travel west into the peaceful Shire, which is much safer.

To the northwest of Bree, and nearby it to the south, are a mixture of farmland and relatively peaceful plains. To the southwest of Bree, further south along the Greenway, and in the Chetwood east of Bree the fauna are more dangerous. The Midgewater Marshes east of the Chetwood are not for the inexperienced.


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