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Due to reasons normally beyond anyone's control (well, it is almost always related to a programming error from our coders, but that's another issue), the game will occasionally crash, disconnecting everybody. When this happens, all zones get reset, and all players are sent to their appropriate starting points. Players of the good races go to the Halls of Mandos; Trolls go to the Chamber of the Trolls, and so on. When you log in again, you will need to pray back into the game, at which point any mount you were leading will be recovered by Instamountrecover(tm).

Be forewarned that all the objects in the game that are hidden, on the ground, in corpses, or carried by mobiles (including mounts), will be lost. (The only exception might be the saddle of your mount, which may be restored if the mount gets recovered by Instamountrecover, but nothing in the saddle or the mount's inventory will be restored.)

Everything in your inventory or equipment will be saved, possibly except some items you obtained shortly before the crash.

There are no reimbursements for any losses (of exp, warpoints, or equipment) caused by crashes.


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