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A tough and sturdy people, the creation of Mahal, the Vala Aulë. They are stubborn and aggressive, yet honourable and steadfast companions. The Dwarves have had probably the most disastrous time in the Third Age, with their homes being taken from them, most notably the Mines of Moria which they call Khazad-dûm.

Today the main strongholds of Dwarves are in the East.

MUME's Dwarves

Although short, they contain a great strength and hence can make excellent warriors. They can carry a heavier load on their shoulders than other races without exhausting themselves. Their stoutness, however, reduces their agility, and for this reason they tend to make terrible thieves. Being short, Dwarves do not find themselves at ease when mounting horses. They speak their native language of Khuzdul, as well as Westron the common language of men.


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