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  trophy [-line] [<sort>...] [<filter>...]

where <sort> is one of:

  +name or -name   ascending/descending by name
  {+|-}kills       by number of kills
  {+|-}knowledge   by knowledge
and <filter> is one of:
  <substring> or !<substring>
  =<word>     or !=<word>
With this command you can see your trophy list, which contains the number of times you have killed each kind of monster and player. The more knowledge you have of a specific kind of creature, the fewer experience points you will get.

You may get on trophy also PCs you personally didn't kill. This can happen if a character of an enemy race dies soon after meeting you.

Trophies fill up from the bottom, so your most recent new kills are displayed on the first page. This will save you scrolling through the entire trophy list.


list everything you have killed
trophy orc
show victims with orc anywhere in the name
trophy #
show all players you have killed

More complicated examples:

trophy +name =orc
exact word match orc, sorted by name
trophy !elf
does not substring-match elf
trophy >90%
more than 90% knowledge
trophy >=50
at least 50 kills
trophy orc !=orc
substring orc but not exact word orc

Even more complicated:

trophy -line >=100 -kill -knowledge =hobbit
trophy !# !=a !=an !=the +name

The -line flag makes the output use only one entry per line instead of multiple columns.

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