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  group [<who> [add | remove | transfer]]

Getting into a group of players is one of the best ways to start the game. When in a group, any experience gained from killing a mobile or player will be spread amongst its members, whether a specific member attacked or not. Experience is still gained for damage, which is not spread in the group. When the death occurs, all grouped members in the same room will gain their share, according to the experience levels of members. Because you do not fight the mobile/player single-handedly, your trophy does not increase for that mob as much as it would otherwise.

Members need not follow the leader in order to be grouped. All groups need a leader, who should be followed by the members if they are to move about. To become a leader simply ask the other members to follow you in the order you wish your team to go in. The last to use the follow command being the one following closest behind. You do not have to be the leader and the grouper, though that is the norm. The first person that uses the follow command will be the last one who enters a room in a group.

When entering a room, the first person is called the "tank" or "buffer". It is he/she who is first targetted by mobiles, while successive followers will be also hit. Should someone flee or die, the first person to attack after the buffer will normally become the new one. Players who flee and return are then considered the last into the room and so are last to be targetted again.

Any non-buffer may draw the attacks away from the buffer by using the rescue command. This is an admirable ability for warriors to have.

To display the members of a group, type group with no argument:

> group
Your group consists of:
     Dragon (Head of group)

Handling a group

  • To add a member to your group, type group <name> (or group <name> add). Only the group leader may add new members to the group.
  • To remove a member from your group, type group <name> again (if you aren't sure the character is grouped, use group <name> remove).
  • If a group member types group me, he leaves the group.
  • If the group leader types group <leader name> he or she will disband the entire group.
  • The group leader can transfer leadership to another group member by typing group <new leader> transfer.
  • You can communicate with your entire group via tell group ....
Note: Only mobs who follow or are ridden by a player member of the group can be grouped.

See also: ASSIST, XP, TELL

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