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This is one of the 5 partial listings of the most commonly used abbreviations in MUME. See help abbreviation for the rest of the partial lists.

k a thousand unit of measurement, usually in xp
LB Last Bridge a place
LB lightning bolt a spell
lev level an expression
lmf large metal full shield an item
lmw large metal wall shield an item
loc locate a spell
lol laughs out loud an expression
lord The wight-lord a mob
LoTR Lord of The Ring a book of J.R.R Tolkien
lvl level an expression
lww large wooden wall shield an item
M a Maia a type of god
MA Master Assassin a mob
Mb a Maia (Builder) a type of god
Mc a Maia (Cartographer) a type of god
MD Michel Delving a place
mda a mighty dwarven axe a weapon
meta a metamorph a kind of player
mob a mobile a creature played by the computer
mp, mps movement point(s) a stat
Ms a Maia (Shaper) a type of god
Mw a Maia (Wright) a type of god
mw metal wall shield an item
MU Manwë Unit an indefinite amount of time that elapses until things get fixed or added around here
MUME Multi-User in Middle-earth yes!
nag, naggy Nagrorh a mob
necro necromancer a mob
neni nenisul bridge or area a place
nm never mind an expression
noble(s) wight-noble(s) a mob
noc New Orc Caves a place
nooc New Old Orc Caves a place
npc a non-player character a mob played by the computer
nuke to obliterate with spells/hits an expression
ob offensive bonus a stat
obj an object synonym of item
OER The Old East Road a place
OERBYR Old East Road by a Rock a place
OER/GW Old East Road Meets Greenway a place
OiE Ost-in-Edhil a place
omw on my way an expression
OOC Old Orc Caves a place
OOC out of character an expression
ornate an ornate, steel-shafted warhammer an item
OW Old Wight a mob

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