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Syntax      : cast 'darkness'
Type        : Miscellaneous
Accumulative: No
Duration    : Yes
Casting     : Short
Position    : Standing
Level       : Level 13 
Class       : Cleric
Min. Mana   : 25
The effect of this spell is to cast an unnatural darkness which extends for a short distance from the place where the spell is cast. It will also drain the lanterns and torches held by any person within this area. The area effected increases with the power of the caster, and so does the duration. Casting two consecutive 'darkness' spells in the same area does nothing.

To master this skill, deep insight and a brilliant mind are required.


  > cast 'darkness'

From time to time, the Necromancer causes dark clouds to spread from his fortress of Dol Guldur. These billowing clouds screen off sunlight, turning even the brightest day into a moonless night; contrarily to the effects of the 'darkness' spell, these clouds can extend hundreds of miles from their source, and usually herald increased activity by Orcs, Trolls and other evil creatures.

It is said that powerful, evil sorcerers can cooperate with the Necromancer in creating or extending the duration of his clouds. The details of the rituals involved are a well-guarded secret.

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