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It is possible to become diseased on MUME, either with a sickness (plague, cold, etc.) or by a poison (poison, venom, etc.). A disease will typically reduce your strength and constitution, or your regeneration rate.

After the sickness has passed away, you will be immune for a long while. The Heal spell will remove a sickness, but if you are healed, you will not be immune towards it afterwards.

It is also possible to get poisoned, mostly by nasty monsters like spiders and snakes. The players can also poison their blade once they know how to produce a vial of poison. As for the sicknesses, there are many poisons with different effects. The remove poison spell will lower the effect of the poison and generally cure it after one or several tries.

Another way to be cured from many sicknesses and diseases is to drink an antidote, which can be found or produced by those who know the herblores.

Some races are more resistant towards some diseases. Elves, for example, never get a flu, Orcs are very resistant to many diseases, and Trolls have a thick stony dead skin which protects them against the poisoned blades.


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