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(Thief Skill) [Delayed Command]

Envenom allows you to poison your opponent.

If you have prepared a poison, and want to apply it on a weapon of some sorts, you must first know how to do that. Keep in mind that sharp edges and poisons can be a most deadly combination, and if you're not a master in the art of handling venoms you might put yourself in a precarious situation when trying to envenom a blade or arrow. The amount of poison needed to successfully envenom a weapon is of course dependant on the size of the weapon in question.

To master this skill, great agility and a brilliant mind are required.

First, a decent knowledge of the skill is needed, or you may well poison yourself while preparing your weapon. You must hold a vial of poison in one hand, and wield your weapon (blade, arrows, or even spiked mace) in the other hand. You then carefully cover your weapon with the poison (the command for this is 'poison <weapon>', and it is ready.

The next time that you successfully hit an opponent, he may become poisoned. The poison will decay on the weapon, however.

Vials of poison can be found in Arda; but as they do not last long, it is better to learn the herblore which allows you to produce the vials.

Some races are more resistant to the poisons used on envenomed weapons. It varies of course for each type of poison but trolls are immune to the poisons used while Dwarves and the Orcs are more resistant than others.

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