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The link command shows information about your connection. It will show round-trip time (best guess), and what options are active on your connection.

N.b., if you're connecting via the web client (https://mume.org/Client), the displayed statistics are only for the link between MUME and the web server.

The following options are possible (they are decided by your OS):

  • sack: Selective acknowledgement - improves performance if you are experiencing packet loss.
  • timestamp: Provides accurate timestamps. If you do not have the timestamp option active, the round-trip time will be estimated a bit higher (up to 200ms) than what it really is.
  • wscale: Window scaling - support larger windows. Can improve performance in spammy situations if you have a slow link, or if you are doing local editing on big files.
A lot of players have problems with their links to the game. This could be very dangerous to your health in the middle of a fight, but some of the cowards amongst players would like to cheat and cut their link when things turn badly. This is how it works in MUME:

  1. If your link is broken, you will automatically attempt to flee each time someone attempts to hit you. If you are not fighting, you will rent automatically after a period of time. The rent cost is then several times higher than the normal rent. Your character will be saved automatically when your link breaks.
  2. If your link jams (freezes) you have a problem. The only solution we can give, is that you break your link as quickly as possible. By breaking the link you can hope that the above procedure is initiated.
  3. If your link freezes, or more generally if MUME doesn't receive any commands from you for a certain amount of time, your character will disappear into the void, and will reappear in the same spot when you return. Having recently met a player-controlled enemy makes the void delay considerably longer.
There is also a lag command that displays recent server lags, as opposed to network lag.

 > lag
 Most recent server lag(s):
  1 minute ago: 6230 ms

Generated on Mon Aug 31 21:53:22 2020